I was eating a banana last night, and reflecting on what a thoughtfully convenient little fruit it really is:

  • You can see from the outside if it’s to your taste – green, yellow, brown it goes.
  • It’s so easy to unpack and get to what’s inside
  • Not messy and you can easily consume it when you’re mobile
  • Delicious and leaves you feeling satisfied
  • Great value for all the benefits it provides

Earlier in the afternoon, I’d wrestled with an orange, that by contrast:

  • Was a massive challenge to get into
  • Lots of wasted rind and pith to scrape off
  • Made my eyes sting as it squirted its evil juices at me
  • Was sour as hell inside, and loads of work just to find out
  • Gave me next to no reward for all the effort

Can you see where this is going?

That’s right.

If you’re trying to sell me something, let me put it this way.

Less orange. More banana. 


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