The DBT you’re reading today is #1700. 

Yep, one thousand seven hundred Daily Brain Tattoos since the first one on the 24th March 2017.

Looking back on almost 900,000 email opens, two best-selling books and over £250,000 in attributable revenue, it fills my heart with joy.

But enough about me.

Here’s the 5-part message for you.

1: Starting something new can feel tough
2: The push through the first few weeks is even tougher
3: Once you see it’s working, it gets easier and more rewarding
4: When it’s still serving you after 5.5 years, it’s unstoppable
5: Long-term consistency sets you apart from the crowd, who mostly can’t be bothered

Question: What could you get started today that’ll remind the world how special you are?  

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