Yes, the ones you need to watch are the ones who tell you to do stuff they’re not doing themselves.

  • They’ll get you to 10,000 followers in 7 days and their IG account has 68
  • They’re Facebook ads specialists when their ad has zero engagement
  • They turn coaches into 6-figure earners when their profile pic has them in a run-down trailer (I saw this yesterday)
  • Their “How To Master YouTube” video has 11 views
  • The branding and visibility coach has no mention of what they do on their FB profile

As Sun Tzu points out in The Art of War:

One may know how to conquer without being able to do it.

But in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, knowing how to do something is not enough of a credential to seek in a teacher.

The world’s moving so quickly that you can only learn what works from those actually making it work right now.

Lisa Crofton and I just launched CAB 50 & 51 and are almost full for 52 & 53 at the end of July.

We can help you build your online business from the inside out, because we’re doing it here.

Every. Single. Day.

Love you lots

PS: Clare McCabe is doing a ticket-only book-writing and marketing masterclass for JHM next Friday at 15.00 UK. She’s my publisher, and together we launched Jonny Hates Selling to 4 x #1 bestseller. Reply with “BOOK” for a free ticket.

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