I’ve been involved in some discussions today around the politics of envy. 

It wasn’t framed that way, but that’s what it was.

People were talking about how it affects them when others boast about their financial success, on social media. 

  • £20k month
  • 5 new clients today
  • £300k launch
  • Six-figure business this year

Reactions were ranged on the usual spectrum:

  • Good for them – they work hard
  • They probably got lucky
  • It’s alright for them with all they got going for them
  • They shouldn’t boast like that
  • They’re probably faking it

Truth is, there’s only one rational reaction. Well, two, and I’ll tell you the second one at the end. 

The rational reaction is to recognise that if THEY can do it, YOU can do it.

The opportunities are pretty much even for us all here in the 21st century, in the First World.

So, feel inspired, motivated and excited at the possibilities their success presents for you.

Just don’t feel envious, bitter or sceptical. 


PS – The other rational reaction? Ignore them and get on with what you’re doing. It’ll all work out for you too, sometime soon.

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