I’m sailing the Caribbean

Playing cabaret tunes, entertaining easily-pleased American tourists.

It’s a scratch band, just me, my brother and two other close pals.

Simpler times, a long time ago, before the internet

I write home to Mum and Dad once month, posting the next one before they get the last.

Britain wins an argument with some South Americans over some chilly, windy rock, somewhere.

NYC’s towers will stand another 19 years.

I’m yet to marry, even once.

Steve and I are doing what young men do, far from home and with great regularity.

If feels like the time of our lives.

And yet, so does right now, today, feel like the time of my life.

Getting paid to work with amazing, inspirational people.

On the Med for a couple of weeks, giving Oscar the chance to spend time with his older sister, and I couldn’t be happier.

Sure it was fun to be younger, with all the privileges that brings.

But right here and now, today, is the best time of all.

When it comes down to it, right now is all we ever have, right?

Love you lots

PS – Whilst relaxing in the sun earlier, I may have just drafted an eBook Called 17 Questions To Get You Sales Without Selling. In it are 17 questions to get you sales without selling. If that sounds useful, reply with “17” and I’ll see what I can do.

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