Somehow – and it’s just as amazing to write this as to read it – this is the 750th Daily Brain Tattoo. 

Since March 2017, I’ve written over 110,000 words which have been read over 200,000 times on the blog, by email and across social media.

I’m starting to think I might make it a habit. 

Seriously, what I’ve learned doing this:

1. Getting started is the hard bit.
2. Keeping going gets easier.
3. I just can’t NOT do it now.
4. People are talking about the DBTs, more and more.
5. Repurposing this stuff gives me endless content on social media
6. I have another 5 books, already written.

I’m pinching myself, but above all, I’m thinking:

How can I help YOU to get a good habit going?


PS – Maybe THIS is how!
Also PS – The Pic? The Glorious Ducati 750 F1! 

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