Sometime into my 5th decade on the planet, I came to a stark realisation. 

A brutal truth, no less:

The vast majority of the population are sleep-walking through life. 

  • Unaware of the opportunities all around them
  • Accepting of mediocrity as the template for living
  • Envious and resentful of anyone achieving success
  • Thoughtless, aimless and joyless in most of their endeavours
  • Scared to do anything different from what they’ve always done
  • Content to spend time with others as grey and average as them
  • Happy to work for “the man” for a fraction of their ultimate value
  • Ungrateful for the accidental privilege of their being born, here and now

Hard to put a number on “them”, but it’s likely approaching 99%.

This would accord with the principle of the 1% often touted as the “lucky” ones. LOL.

Of course, this isn’t you. By being here, reading this, you’re likely already in the 1%

Committed to growth, impact and abundance, you’re curious and open to the next step.

But know this:

In your 21st century online coaching or therapy business, you’ll never join the 1% by trying to attract the 99%. 

One of the pillars of your niching journey is attracting the right kind of folks into your community.

People who are:

Emotionally intelligent
Ready to learn and improve
Earning more than they spend each month

Most of the things you already are, or are soon about to be.

You’ll never join the 1% by attracting the 99%. 

Now there’s a Brain Tattoo for the ages.


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