I meet many coaches with a keen palette for moaning about people, situations and stuff.

It’s an intoxicating way of letting yourself off the hook when things don’t work out, like:

  • Nobody liked your posts, so Facebook’s rubbish
  • Your VA didn’t do what you asked, so all staff are a problem
  • The market’s saturated with people just like you
  • You can’t get anything done in this weather
  • That big deal you were expecting fell through – damn clients!

News alert: It’s not them. 

It’s you.

100% of the time.

Leave the whine in the cellar, brew a green tea, take a breath and work it out.


PS: It’s Facebook February in the JHM Group, with the emphasis on FB Groups, obvs. I’m giving you 28 FB Pro-Tips (One-A-Day) and here’s yesterday’s golden nugget.

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