Dr Neil Stringer, JHM member and founder of The Copy Family blew my mind with a simple quote in a conversation yesterday:

I don’t have a job. I don’t have a business. I have a way of life.

And for the good doctor, this means:

  • Ex-pat from the UK, escaping its high taxes, low morale and freezing bloody winters
  • Living in Vietnam with a beautiful girlfriend, minimal expenses and year-round sunshine
  • A revenue model based on multiple income streams including subscriptions and high-ticket clients
  • No pressure to aspire to any particular level other than meeting his own personal definition of success
  • Total willingness to learn and adopt new ideas, as long as they enhance or simplify his life in some way

There’s so much to unpack from that smorgasbord of inspiration, which is why I’ve invited Neil back to guest on the Academy Secret Session next Tuesday, the 6th December at 14.00 UK.

He’ll be talking life, business and copywriting, and you won’t want to miss it.

It’s one of the members-only weekly VIP trainings, but if you message me pronto with “Dr Neil”, Lisa and I have a handful of day passes for non-members and we’ll get you one if we can. 

Love you lots

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