Remember the other day when we talked about things to shuddup about? 

Like politics, religion etc?

Instead, you mostly want to be engaging your ideal clients and getting them to focus on working with you.

Even then, there are things directly related to your business you really shouldn’t be talking about.

Things that might seem businessy to you but in reality are of no interest to the rest of us. Like:

  • Your “end-of-year accounts”: I read a post this morning on that very topic. Well, I say read. Mostly zoned out.
  • Your latest qualification: I’d rather wait another 3 years till you’ve tried it out on someone else. Lots of times.
  • How tough things are for you: My chosen mentors/coaches and advisers are already effortlessly successful.
  • The things you’re going to do this year: Unless you actually mean it, and have non-negotiable plans made.
  • Basic techy questions where the answers are all over a ten-second Google search: Can’t you read?

In short, what we want to hear from you is how your work can help change our lives for the better.

And that’s pretty much ALL we want to hear from you, at least at first.

Without that, what’s the point in us even listening? 


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