As writer Daniel Bourke points out:

I’ve got the most important job in the world – Adding fuel to the fire in the hearts of those eager to learn.

And that’s all you ever do, right?

As a coach or therapist, you’re helping people to do something they’ve not been able to work out by themselves.

Whether you’re moving them away from illness, phobias and stress, or towards freedom, abundance and joy, they need you to ignite their lives with your skills, passion and experience.

And earning money from this requires you to demonstrate the knowledge gap between what they know, and what you know.

Then, your value is based on just two things:

1: The depth of the knowledge gap – how much they don’t know already, and
2: The breadth of the knowledge gap – how long it would take them to work it out alone

It’s your job [and yes, it’s a very important job] to infuse your clients with all the great things that new knowledge can bring them. 


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