As Seth Godin says, long before we check out your content, your layout and design generates a feeling in us – good or bad.

And if you display a social profile banner or headshot that looks like the work of a 5 year-old, people will assume your business is immature, at best.

Here are Jonny’s top-five tips to get you looking as good as you perform:

1: Pick colours that create the feeling you’d like your ideal client to feel
2: Be consistent wherever you show up – we have to know it’s YOU at first glance
3: Check layout on mobile as well as desktop, as 85% of traffic comes from phones right now
4: Hire a professional graphic designer if you can afford it. Here’s mine and he’ll cost you less than you think
5: Don’t use fiddly, scripty or comic fonts. You can’t get away with wearing a clown-suit unless you work in a circus.

In summary, we remember how you made us feel long before [and after] we read your words.

Look good, feel good, and make an impact. 


PS: It’s Facebook February exclusively in the JHM FB Group, and each day there’s a new Pro-Tip to improve your Facebook game. Here’s yesterday’s. 

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