How many times have you got on a call with a prospective client and been desperate to sign them so you can pay your bills this week?

You’ve invested so much money into your coaching business but are still not making a profit and you NEED to sign clients.

Then you get on a call, hopeful that this will be your next or first.

You’re nervous and excited and on the call and then they don’t sign.

You feel dejected, your excitement and enthusiasm crash as you wonder what went wrong.

There could be many factors at play.

Maybe it’s not the right program for them or they’re not ready to change.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that by having no attachment to the outcome you take your ego out of the game.

When you operate from authenticity and integrity with yours and your client’s best interests in your heart and minds that’s when the universal energies align, and the magic happens.


This is a guest DBT written by the wonderful Ani Naqvi, tsunami and cancer survivor. Thanks Ani! x

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