Now I’ve got your attention, here are three pieces of evidence that might change your mind about the economy and the lack of/abundance of money.

1: This development of luxury villas in Marbella priced from €1,950,000 to €2,200,000 all sold off-plan in a few weeks.
2: My daughter has just launched a high-end service centre for supercars into a buoyant market with a growing demand.
3: The busiest restaurant in this area charges over €100 for lunch for two, and usually has all 80 tables full.

Q: What do all those examples have in common?
A: They’re not dealing with the general public.

They’re offering premium experiences for people who can easily afford to pay for them.

Now here’s a question for you:

“Who are the wealthiest kind of people who’d benefit from what you do?”

Have a think, and drop your answers over to me.

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