It’s good to hedge your bets, right? 

Have your finger in various pies?

We all know a “serial entrepreneur” doing a bit of this, and a bit of that.

Well here’s the truth about anyone achieving success in a variety of different disciplines:

1: They started one first, and made it work, really well
2: When they started the 2nd, it stood alone and didn’t affect the success of the first
3: They built a really strong team to run either or both so they didn’t have to
4: They never spent a day working on both at once. That’s kinda impossible
5: At some point, they probably ditched whichever performed worse in favour of the better one

It’s a rare individual indeed who manages to juggle two golden balls at once.

For that reason, I’ve made my decision. 

ONE bullet-proof business
ONE ideal client
ONE massive transformational benefit

I’ve no time to faff around playing with anything else that may or may not work.

It could break everything else. 


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