On the Expert Stories LIVE Show yesterday, I talked with Jay Unwin about how he’d considered quitting FB, and had even closed his account before reopening another!

And I hear a lot of folks around JHM whining about how FB is toxic, distracting and a bloodthirsty time-vampire.

Well, here’s the news:

If you want to grow your coaching or therapy online, Facebook is an unparalleled business tool.

It’s jaw-droppingly effective at reaching, engaging and communicating with your ideal clients, but you need to crack the code to make it work for YOU:

🔑 Forget using it to start political, religious or ideological arguments
🔑 Teach the algorithm what you want to see on your newsfeed
🔑 Friend-request only people who look like your ideal clients
🔑 Unfriend those who weigh you down or leech your time
🔑 Build a tribe-like community in a Facebook Group
🔑 DM them when you think you can help them

Turning away the Great Blue Gift From Heaven is like refusing to buy an axe because some people use them to chop heads off.

And then complaining because you don’t got any firewood to keep you warm on those long winter nights.

Think business.

Make Facebook your bitch.

Love you lots

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