There are three types of luck:

GOOD LUCK: It happens to someone, and it could be you.

You win the lottery
You’re the millionth customer, and get your widgets for free
You have a heart attack in the street next to a nurse with a defibrillator in her car
A falling tree misses you by inches
The oncoming driver looks up from his phone just in time to swerve away from you

BAD LUCK: It happens to someone, and it could be you.

You get blown up in a terror attack
An engine falls off the aircraft you’re in
You’re born with a congenital heart defect
There’s a tsunami when you’re on holiday
You get struck by lightning

MAKE-YOUR-OWN-LUCK: It happens to someone, who behaves exactly like you 

You get run over by a bus, because you didn’t look before you crossed
You get asked to headline a major conference when they saw you at a local event
You lose 6 hours work to a power cut as you failed to auto-save it
You get evicted from your house after your clients fail to pay you on time
You make seven figures this year because your programme really resonates with your audience

Only the last of those three groups contains evidence of your ability to control the outcomes.

So here’s the only logical way to run your life :

1. Ignore the stuff that may or may not happen whatever you do
2. Work like a maniac on the rest so you get the outcomes you want


PS: Did you see the pop-up masterclass on Friday? You’ll get luckier if you do this, I promise…

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