There’s a secret language you need to learn.

It’s not some ancient tongue you’ve never heard of, and it’s not some trendy street-talk only practised by hipsters too young to remember Blockbusters.

And it’s definitely not some bullshit techie-jargon, laden with acronyms and word-mangles that leave you feeling like an Amazonian tribesman having Netflix explained for the first time.

No, the secret language you need to learn is much simpler than that.

But without it, you may as well be a hospital porter who’s handed scrubs and invited to do a kidney transplant.

You’ll be lost, scared and dangerous.

This mysterious, secret language?

It’s the language of your ideal clients.

The precise words and phrases they use to describe how they’re feeling right now.

The complaints they murmur daily about their crappy lives.

Their deeply-held beliefs, biases and misunderstandings.

The hopes and dreams they hold close and private like a kid with a secret crush on her school teacher.

You need to suck up all that, and spit it back at them in every one of your posts, emails and messages. Your banners, headlines and branding need to look like their life story in spirit, form and minute detail.

Get that right, and the very first thing they’ll feel when they come across you is relief.

Maybe joy, gratitude and excitement too.

But mainly relief – that they’ve finally found someone who understands them.

At last, someone talks to them how they talk to themselves. That’s so rare, they’ll start to trust you immediately.

And when that happens, it takes next-to-nothing to get them over the line as a paying client.

This secret language is a core part of what we teach in the Client Attraction Academy, AKA The Only Marketing Course Coaches And Therapists Ever Need To Buy™.

We opened the doors last week for a handful of half-price lifetime memberships, and they’re almost all gone.

Come Friday, the doors close as we spend the next few weeks welcoming our new members like a restaurant owner welcoming James Corden. Actually no, way more welcome than that.

Anyhoo, we have a couple more places open on the CAA, so if you want one, shout and I’ll sneak a link over to you.

Love you lots

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