My old pal, legendary copywriter and magician John Holt gives awesome advice to budding conjurers who may be over-complicating things in their quest to entertain every audience:

“Learn three tricks… get them down so you can do them in your sleep… then, go perform them for as many people as possible.”

I’ve noticed how over-complicating the task of marketing holds back so many skilled online coaches and therapists.

Just because there is a metric s**t-ton of things you CAN do to promote your glorious talents, doesn’t mean you HAVE to, or you SHOULD.

Pick (no more than) THREE key, sustainable, repeatable and scalable strategies you can accomplish in the time you’re prepared to give, and go at them until you’ve achieved effortless mastery.

Every single day, do those three Golden Actions that’ll bring home the bacon – or broccoli, if you’re of the plant persuasion like me.

Before long, they’ll get under your skin and you’ll leap out of bed, focused, energised, and ready to conquer.

Spinning your wheels ’till lunchtime is no way to build a business.

Love you lots


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