Have you encountered any of these feelings while you’re running your 21st century online coaching or therapy business? 

Despair: It shouldn’t be this hard
Burnout: I’m exhausted with it all
Fear: What if nobody likes my post?
Envy: So many people are doing better
Anger: I’ve wasted so much time and effort

As writer Stephen Joppich points out, one of the greatest antidotes to this is to live like a scientist.

When everything you do is an experiment, you can detach yourself from preconceived outcomes.

There’s simply the experience and there’s you, the observer.

Scientists approach experiments as opportunities to learn, evolve and modify their theories in the light of evidence.

I have a theory you can be exceptionally successful basing a business around your knowledge, skills and experience.

I’m just not sure how yet, and neither are you.

Define your idea, try it, and see what happens.


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