“How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything” (HYDOTIHYDE)

So said a wise wo/man somewhere, once upon a time.

Here’s what this DOESN’T mean:

😭 You’re crap at chess, so you’re no good at any games. No, maybe you’d be great at Cards Against Humanity. I know I am
😭 You stopped donating to Oxfam, so you’re a miserly a-hole. No, maybe you just got turned off by the allegations you read about that charity
😭 You disliked your first wife, so you’re a woman hater. No, maybe she just wasn’t your type
😭 You “failed” in that marriage, so no point in trying again. No, most people need more than one shot at a lifelong relationship
😭 You crashed the car, so you’re a hopeless driver. No, it’s a learnt skill, so just practise more

But, before you let yourself off every hook, here’s what HYDOTIHYDE really means:

😎 How you treat yourself when you make ONE mistake is how you treat yourself when you make ANY mistake
😎 The self-love you give THIS morning is the self-love you give EVERY morning
😎 How you handle ANY setback is how you handle EVERY setback
😎 Your belief that you’re a “TECHNOPHOBE” is a belief you’re incapable of learning ANY new stuff
😎 How you feel when you ask ONE potential client to pay you is how you feel asking ANYONE to pay you
😎 Believing THIS is going to go wrong again is believing EVERYTHING will go wrong, always

I’m not talking about mood-swings, or the normal rollercoaster of the human experience.

And I’m definitely not blaming you for the occasional savagery of genuine bad luck.

No, HYDOTIHYDE explains the semi-permanent nature of Things You Bring On Yourself.

🤯 Getting In Your Own Way
🤯 Negative Self-Talk
🤯 Expecting Defeat Before You Begin
🤯 Giving Up Too Soon, as well as the Keeping On Too Long
🤯 Trying To Do It All Alone
🤯 Ignoring Easily-Obtained Health And Dietary Advice
🤯 Living In Pain Without Trying To Eliminate It

All that stuff has a habit of repeating itself, unless you break the cycle.

It can easily become who you ARE, rather than just stuff you DO.

And if you do it once, you’ll do it again and again.

Until you decide not to anymore.

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything.

So start by doing ONE THING smart, successful, healthy and wealthy people do.

Then another, and another until you’re doing EVERYTHING like they do.

Pretty soon you be EVERYTHING they are.

Love you lots

PS: If you asked for the secret templates I use to Never Run Out Of Post Ideas, they’ll be with you in the next 48 hours…standby!

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