There is no doubt that most of the global population lives in relative poverty compared to what is possible.

And it’s not about inequality, or about the fabled 1% “having all the money”.

There is no “all the money”. 

Money is in infinite supply, and just because someone has a lot, doesn’t mean anyone else has to make do with a little.

No, the real reason most people are broke is because they listen to the wrong people. 

  • Economists – did you ever see a billionaire economist?
  • The media – did you ever see a headline saying “everything’s great – you’re gonna be rich!”?
  • Their broke friends and family telling them to be careful and save
  • Employers paying them just enough to make it to the next month
  • The government telling them to tighten their belts

The reality is that the economy is an illusion. 

Successful people create their own economy.

Do you think Bezos, Gates or Musk are concerned about a shortage of money?

They’re not and they never were.

The scarcity mentality says that when you make a ton of money, you’re taking it from someone else.

Develop an abundance mindset instead, and you’ll realise that by getting rich, you’re helping everyone else to get rich too.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Pro-tip, in summary:

Hang our with successful people, Learn to solve a big problem for enough clients, and tap into abundance forever. 


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