Years ago, at university, I won a scholarship on an engineering degree course, sponsored by Jaguar Cars. 

The plan was I’d spend a year at uni, followed by a year working in the car plant, with another year back at uni before being released into the wild.

It was called a thick sandwich course.

Its cousin, the thin sandwich, followed a model which is way more popular today.

Students have a day a week in industry, then straight back to study.

I dropped out in year one, but I always imagined it would have been tough to go back to “school” after experiencing the grown-up buzz of a work environment.

And this is a phenomenon which might explain why many coaches and therapists struggle with consistency. 

Auditing their business, I see they’ll often have a flurry of sales, then spend the next 6 weeks delivering programmes or sessions.

Then “Oh S**t!…I guess I need to make some sales…”

And it takes a while to ramp up the marketing machine again, right?

This is the thick sandwich effect.

Here’s a better idea, every day:

  • Do some outreach
  • Send some connection requests
  • Book some client calls
  • Have some client calls
  • Deliver to a client

That way it’ll feel more like an unstoppable juggernaut than a roller-coaster. 


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