There’s a sneaky little best-kept engagement secret around our social media these days, and it’s called a poll. 

Polls let you not only serve your audience a nifty little question, but you can spoon-feed them some answers too!

This means a micro-commitment from them, but lots of potentially rich data for you.

Here are my top-five polling pro-tips:

  • Stick to the topics you use for normal engagement questions
  • Offer answer options which will guide you to who needs your help
  • Allow responders to add their own preferred answers (FB-only)
  • Make sure to check the post for typos, as you can’t edit it once it’s live
  • Duplicate a successful FB poll on LinkedIn, although they only let you have three options

If you’re not polling your audience at least once a week, you’re missing a trick.

You can learn so much about what your followers want, need and who’s ready to work with you next.

Whatever you do, have fun. 

Love you lots

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