If you want to see yourself as others see you – and why wouldn’t you? – you have the greatest self-appraisal tool ever right there in your pocket.

Hold your phone at arm’s length, fire up the front-facing video camera, and start talking.

Do 30 seconds, then stop and playback. Review and repeat 5 times, in snippets no longer than a minute.

Learn to speak with power and clarity. When people listen to you, they decide who you are, what you stand for, and whether they like you.

That last thing is the most important, because we only do business with people we like, right?

When you’re speaking, are you smiling? Smile. You’ll connect with 6.7 times* as many people compared with wearing a glum or serious face.

Do a video-selfie session every day for a week, and you’ll be astonished how much better you’ll be able to influence people next time you hold a conversation.

*Actual results may vary but will be greater than 1.

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