It’s no longer controversial to state how people need to feel like they know you, like you and trust you. 

Before they buy anything from you, that holy trinity of bonding bridges need to be built and crossed.

Here are some pro-tips to get that done:

1: Getting To Know You

Be clear on your social profiles about what you do, and for whom
Don’t talk in riddles – use the same plain language they do
Tell stories about where you’ve been and what that means to them

2: Getting To Like You

Be helpful, kind and show empathy. Nobody likes an angry shark
Give away some of your best work. They’ll pay you for the rest
Engage with their conversations. Reply to posts & comments

3: Getting To Trust You

Write case studies about the success and impact you’ve had
Display testimonials you’ve got from people just like them
Ask for referrals from happy clients – the ultimate trust action

The KLT triumvirate has become such a cliché,  it’s often ignored. 

But in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, that might just be your biggest mistake.

Try 30 days with it driving your every action, and see what happens.

You’ll be a new dog with an old trick. 




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