As my pal David Fagan says, it’s no use just being the best at what you do. You need to be the best marketed too. 

And we all want to attract our clients in the simplest, most elegant way, right?

So it pains me to see skilled practitioners self-sabotaging by using this kind of unattractive language:

I’m a qualified hypnotherapist
I’m a fully accredited coach
I’m an NLP master trainer

Talking with a mentor of mine last week, a perfect description of this problem popped out.

He said: those things aren’t benefits, they’re obstacles. 

Obstacles sitting in the way of them converting their pain into pleasure, their challenges into opportunities, and their miserable lives into blissful contentment.

In other words, the idea of going through 12 weeks of therapy or coaching isn’t what anyone WANTS.

They want the glorious future you can guide them towards, which is why THAT’S what you have to sell them.

Sell them what they want, then give them what they need.

Emptying out your well-stocked toolbox under their noses is not a client attraction strategy.

It’s an obstacle course.

Love you lots

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