Years ago, I was a professional musician. 

I say “professional” in the sense that it was my sole source of income, and in the not-unconnected-sense that I was broke.

One evening, probably a Tuesday, I was due to meet a couple of my bandmates for our customary 5 pints.

But this night was different, as I’d arranged a job interview with a sales organisation the next morning.

C’mon, said the guitarist at 10.30, just one more!

No thanks, I replied. I’m off home.

“You’ve changed” he summarised.

Yep, I guess.

And not in a bad way, I thought. 

I’d realised that I didn’t like the company I was keeping.

Not the musicians – all my enduring, multi-decade friendships are with those amazing, beautiful, creative folk – but the venue owners, the agents, the “clients” and everyone else who’d exploited my talent and skills for nickels and dimes those past 5 years.

And right there, I walked away from an old life to start the journey that got me here, right now, writing this for you.

The moral: when the people around you don’t align with you anymore, change the people around you. 

Love you lots

PS: Just two places left for the trackday adventure of a lifetime. Can you get to Donington park on the 30th April? 


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