If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve lived long enough to remember direct mail. 

Leaflet-drops, as we used to call them in the 90s.

You’ll definitely recall when you started getting marketing emails in the noughties.

What fresh hell were they?!

Spamming random, unwanted offers into your inbox like a demented stalker who got the wrong house.

Then how about the last ten years of increasingly sophisticated online ads targeting, feeding you more-or-less exactly what you want to see and hear, more-or-less exactly when you want it?

So what’s next?

What’s NOW?

And crucially, what’s the best way in 2022 for you to position yourself as THE only person to solve your ideal client’s big, expensive problem?

Turns out, the era of the Engaged Community is here. 

Sure, networking, advertising, websites, banners, emails, blogs, podcasts…they’re all pieces in the jigsaw.

But the glue that holds it all together?

You need a mechanism to gather people who look like your ideal clients together in one place, so you can engage, enthral and enrol them as actual paying clients.

You may well have world-class skills, and a peerless offering.

Without an Engaged Community, you just won’t have any money. 

And worse, all those wise-guys who’ve built their ECs will be serving your clients, right under your nose.

In the weeks leading up to the Client Attraction Summit, we’ll be showing you strategies, tactics and actionable insights designed to help you build your own Engaged Community.

Change is coming like an express train, and you won’t want to miss it. 

Love you lots

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