And I mean that quite literally.

This is the one and only precious, irreplaceable life we know for sure we will experience.

So the challenge of the day, every day, needs be no more than this:

😋 Do something you’re good at
😋 Do something you love to do
😋 Do something the world needs
😋 Do something you can get paid for

If that’s all the same ONE thing, all the better, and it’s called your Ikigai.

Love you lots

PS – I’m going to run a 90-minute LIVE Zoom workshop anytime soon called “Why Everything You Think You Know About Your Ideal Client Avatar Is Wrong And How to Put It Right”. It’ll cost you seventeen crisp British pounds to attend and will be worth around £50,000 in 12-month revenue to you. Reply with “£17” and I’ll make sure you get a link to join when it’s ready.

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