I’ve been privileged recently to guest on the wonderfully quirky 808 Podcast hosted by Bob Clark, who’s quite bonkers. 

Mad as a box of frogs, as I observed affectionately.

His crazy idea is that all his shows have to last precisely 8 minutes and 8 seconds, as 8.08 spells BOB.

His programmes and products are priced at $80.8 and $808 etc…you get the idea.

What Bob reminded me:

  • Who says podcasts have to last an hour? Your game, your rules.
  • Being different is how you stand out
  • Dividing your audience is what builds your tribe
  • Making people smile makes marketing easier
  • When you hit on something good, spread it across your whole business

What are you doing to be shamelessly different? 


PS – First full day on the South Beaches of LA. Check out the adventure here. 

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