At my age, some of my contemporaries have retired already.

They seem happy to not have to work again, but I can often sense a steady decline in their cognitive awareness, their zest and their joie-de-vivre.

They’re counting down instead of up.

For me, leaving my work now when I’m so close to achieving everything I’ve ever wanted in service to my incredible community (YOU!) would be a woeful abdication of my responsibilities to my family and everyone else.

And in your 21st century coaching or therapy business, you’ve been practising all your life to get this good.¬†You’re improving the lives of others with your loving curiosity and support, feeling enjoyment, reward and human connection every day.

Stopping now would likely age you rapidly and prepare you for a quiet, unnoticed demise.

A client asked me a few months back, “hey, you used to drive racing cars, didn’t you?”

Without a second thought, I said, “you know what, I still do!”

At that point, I didn’t have a race licence, and last competed in 2014.

That one innocent question triggered a series of events resulting in me racing a powerful GT car at one of Britain’s fastest circuits last weekend.

Dammit, I DO race cars!

And I realised, I never want to be known as the “guy who used to do stuff”.

That’s fine for an epitaph, but not while you’re still alive, right!?

Love you lots

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