If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s probably not because you don’t have enough information to inform your next step.

It’s because you have too much information.

And critically, from too many sources.

Yep, listening to too many people is a sure-fire way to feed your fear, muddy your mind and prune your progress.

I follow just three mentors right now, and I’m deep into everything they output.

How did I choose them?

1: They resonate with my values
2: They know something I want to learn
3: They’re already living the life I aspire to

And that’s a good a recipe as I can provide.

Now, if I tick those boxes as a mentor for you, make sure you register your place on my free Get Clients From Facebook Challenge starting on the 27th April.

Enough about me (!), now pick the other two you’re going to follow.

Then eliminate the rest.

Avoid infobesity by switching off notifications, unsubscribing and ignoring almost everyone.

It’ll clear the fog forever, I promise.

Love you lots
Jonny x

PS – That link again for the Get Clients From Facebook Challenge? It’s right here. 

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