We talk a lot in JHM about how to solve your ideal client’s most pressing problem, and how that will make them love you forever. 

That’s certainly true, of course.

But there’s a parallel thread that also creates a world of opportunity for you to craft an irresistible offer:

Try making their lives more CONVENIENT. 

Some ideas:

  • Give them a simpler way to make more money
  • Help them stop smoking without halfway-house vaping
  • Show them how to lose weight with no need for fad diets
  • Make marketing easier than building funnels and buying ads
  • Get them fitter without an expensive and restrictive gym regime
  • Also, and obviously, make it blindingly easy for them to buy from you!

Don’t serve them a menu of hard slog that feels like another fresh hell to them.

Convenience is the new elixir of life. 

Have a play with that and see what shows up for you.


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