Summer 2019, I spent a weekend in Brighton, England with some quite excellent musician pals of mine.

We played a street party and people whooped, hollered and danced.

Afterwards, someone said, I guess you do this for a living then.

I said, well, I used to.

Back in the days when I was happy sleeping on a couch and borrowing money from my Mom for food, I WAS a professional musician.

Then, I realised my life quest had to consist of three things, not just two:

  1. I had to be good at it
  2. I had to enjoy it
  3. It needed to support me financially

There’s no virtue in being a struggling artist.

Glorious though your talents may be, cracking the code of getting paid what you’re worth should be your first priority.

If what you are doing only ticks those first two boxes, maybe it’s time to try something else.


PS: Don’t give up the coaching just yet. Let’s untangle the issue in 15 minutes – my treat. 

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