I’ve met more than a few coaches, trainers and therapists this year who’ve told me about their learning journey:

  • They’ve got three coaches on the go, in various areas of their life and business
  • They’re graduating from a course with some cool qualifications
  • They’ve got another 9 months left on the biggest and best programme on earth
  • If they could just crack *insert-as-yet-unlearned-secret* they’ll be ready to start earning
  • They haven’t found a coach they like, so they’re looking for the next one that they might

I’ve got nothing against paying for the best, most appropriate learning you can find and afford – obviously!

But here’s the bottom line:

If you’re into self-improvement, improve! 

Then start working with clients, earning money and building a business.

Learning the same stuff over and over again is not the same as working.

That’s why you don’t get paid for it. 


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