We all love closing sales, or “opening relationships” as it’s better framed. 

When you’re expecting a prospect to vote in your favour (and theirs!), paying you to leap into the world of transformation you provide, keep in mind there are a few things that need to be in alignment first.

All this stuff must be true if someone is going to take action today:

1: They can afford what you’re offering
2: They have an urgent, expensive problem
3: They believe you’re the ONLY person who can solve it
4: They have the power to make a decision
5: What you’re selling fits their current plans

Once you’ve satisfied that shortlist, you’re in with a fighting chance.

In fact, the sale is yours to lose, along with the opportunity to open a relationship and change their lives forever.

Now there’s something worth getting really good at, right? 


PS: Thanks to Ross O’Lochlainn for the inspiration for this post. 

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