Remember on Sunday when I asked for your #1 marketing tips?

And remember I said we’d publish a definitive list of them in JHM?

Well here it is.

If you’re mentioned – great work!

👉 WARNING – One of these is not a real marketing tip.

  • Wendy Norman & Amanda Leek – Research everything about your potential clients. Then research again.
  • Simon Wellsted, Louise Fowen – Understand the problem your clients want a solution to and the language they use about it.
  • Annie Crow – Don’t hide behind your logo, people need to see you and understand who you are.
  • Nik Oakes – Look at what you adore doing rather than the ‘shoulds’ otherwise you’ll do all manner of covert fuckery to avoid doing the stuff you’re ‘supposed’ to.
  • Aleksandra Dahai – People don’t buy because of emotions and they do not because of content you give them. They buy because they want something and you have it. They buy because of the lack, the gap.
  • Chris Hallett – Forget clever funnels, lead magnets & websites. Focus on sales and learn how to convert prospects into clients.
  • Kellie Wynn – Definitely build a tribe like JHM. I haven’t had to do any official marketing or ads because I’ve built a community who now do my marketing for me.
  • Darren Strudwick – Tattoo your website address on your ex’s arse. If you’re lucky, thousands of people will see it.
  • Heather Jane Egginton – Sitting 🪑 here alone waiting for the thousands to come does not work. Marketing is simply a way to get in conversation with ideal people. Reach out to your followers.
  • Rajesh Malhotra – Don’t come across desperate!

Nice list!

Love you lots

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