This brilliant quote from Seth Godin could explain everything about why coaches and therapists often struggle to make a living:

“Maybe the thing we thought was a problem wasn’t a problem to be solved, because problems have solutions.

“Maybe it was simply a situation or even a dead end.

“Given who you are, what you know and what you’re dealing with, there actually wasn’t the possibility for success, even if it seemed there was.”

This is a major issue that could be killing your chances of helping people, and making money for yourself.

If your coaching or therapy business isn’t taking off yet, maybe it’s because you’re not solving a big enough problem for your client, or worse, no problem at all.

Maybe what you’re discussing with them is merely a situation that they’re only slightly irritated about, or even that matters to them not one jot.

And maybe you’re trying to build a business solving a problem that doesn’t exist – AKA flogging a dead horse…

Does it ever feel like that to you?

Love you lots

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