Occasionally, I’ll stray from talking marketing with you. 

After all, I hate it, right?

Anyway, life’s so much more than business, and you get more chance to enjoy it if you live longer.

That’s why the latest research on the health effects of saunas caught my eye. 

Basically, this Finnish doctor noticed that people were living longer on the back of a regular sauna habit.

Not only that, but stroke risk fell by 60% and they were way less likely to develop dementia.

Apparently, it’s all about dilating blood vessels to improve vascular flow, an effect which lasts long after the hot-seat has been vacated.

I’m loving the idea that a steamy chill-out can add years to your life, so I just had to share it.

Go join a gym with a sauna, and I’ll see you on the other side of 100!


PS – This is DBT 699. What shall we do for no. 700 tomorrow?

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