There’s an old fable about a wager between the sun and the wind. 

They saw a man walking on the moors and each bet they could get him to remove his coat quicker than the other.

The sun went behind a cloud and left the wind to huff and puff.

Yet, the harder the wind blew, the more the man clenched his arms around his body, clutching onto his coat for dear life.

Soon, the sun popped out from the cloud, smiled, and beamed brightly across the earth.

Growing warm in the sun’s radiance, the man removed his coat immediately and smiled back to the heavens in gratitude.

Looking at your business, which is more accurate?

  1. Clients are attracted by your warmth and charm, feeling your genuine desire to improve their lives and happiness
  2. People button up their coat when they see you coming, worried you might be trying to wrench it from their backs

Less Wind. More sun. Please.


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