It’s easy to casually mix-up the terms strategy and tactics, and it’s understandable why.

Both refer to how you show up in the world, but both are different parts of that whole, and both are essential elements of success.

Here are some examples to explain:

Strategy: I use Facebook Groups to attract and engage my ideal clients
Tactics:  I invite people I’d like to join. I post 3 times a day. I broadcast regular live shows.

Strategy: I grow an email list to make it easier to communicate directly
Tactics: I have a subscriber capture and incentive on my website. I email something useful and informative every day

Strategy: I only work with people I know I can help
Tactics: I promote my services clearly and without exaggeration. I carefully interview potential clients to make sure we fit.

Strategy is WHAT you do to meet your goals. Tactics are HOW you do it.

Are you doing enough of both?


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