I was in Rome recently, and spotted the shop in the picture. With no attempt to describe what they were selling, the owners simply called the place “STOP HERE”.

That’s a classic call-to-action, or CTA as it’s known, and it’s an essential part of every marketer’s toolbox.

As consumers, we need to know clearly what you’re expecting us to do first. Grabbing our rapidly-receding attention is probably the hardest step in the sales cycle, but grab it you must before anything else can happen.

Most of us are nice, friendly people, and a well-worded invitation to interact could be just the push we need to turn us into customers. Of course, what you’re selling has to be something we need and want, but it’s no use telling us all about it if we’re not listening in the first place.

Think about how effective your marketing message is at turning our heads in your direction.

Make us STOP, then make us SHOP. 

Author: Jonny | Stop and Shop here: FREE! (For Now)

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