In my lunchtime show with The Kingmaker aka Mr Fidel Beauhill yesterday, we talked about some common misconceptions on the wildly confusing topic of niching.

Here’s a summary:

1: There are two kinds of niche – the Outcome Niche [WHAT it is you do] and the Client Niche [WHO you do it for]. Nailing one is essential, having the two is useful.
2: You can start off broad and niche down [The Beagle Lady, Kellie!] or you can evolve from super-narrow and widen it out later. Both can work.
3: You can still work with other people, even when you’re out to attract a specific client. Your game, your rules!
4: No niching decisions are forever – try an idea, adapt and optimise as you learn.
5: It’s pronounced NEESH, even if (especially if!) you’re one of those American types. Nothing is, or ever will be, a NITCH, so stop it immediately.


Zero: Don’t have a frikking scooby. What’s a niche?
10: I’m working with such a narrow niche, the last survivor just died.

Love you lots

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