I was sitting at my piano the other night, and played a simple chord.

It struck me how many millions of other people must have played exactly that same chord throughout history.

Heck, maybe hundreds of people are playing it right now, somewhere!

Then I played another chord in a progression, and another, and a couple of notes in a melody.

At that point I knew for certain that nobody, anywhere, ever, had played what I just played, exactly how I just played it.

And in your 21st century coaching, training or therapy business, you don’t have to try too hard to be unique.

Don’t invent new language that’ll bemuse and confuse your audience
Don’t create a weird and wonderful modality that makes no sense to anyone but you
Don’t tell everyone what you do is ground-breaking and unheard of. They won’t believe you

Don’t go out to be different just for the sake of it.

You already are.

Just play your glorious music, and we’ll know it’s you right away.


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