Sales guru Art Sobczak tells how he coached a CEO to do an experiment with one of his new sales guys.

The CEO had to tell the rookie that the only people who would listen to his pitch were the execs at the very TOP level of the prospect companies.

He then had to instruct him that the only deals he was allowed to sell were BIG deals.

Within a month, the new guy was outselling ALL the other sales team. And not by a bit, but by orders of magnitude.


In his inexperience, the new boy hadn’t imagined for a moment that he should go slugging it out with middle-management, and it certainly never crossed his mind to be peddling the small stuff.

Seven Lessons:

  1. All that limits us is ourselves.
  2. Thinking BIG gets BIG results
  3. It takes just as much energy to ask for a small deal as it does to ask for a big one
  4. When you expect big deals, that thought becomes a part of every action you take
  5. If you miss out on a big deal, you might pick up a smaller one anyway. This doesn’t work the other way round
  6. Who you target in an organisation dictates the size of the deal
  7. The higher you target, the more likely you’ll find quick thinking decision-makers to say yes, NOW

Ask for BIG, and you might get it. Ask for SMALL and that’s the most you’ll EVER get.

Question: Are your products/services big enough, and are you asking the right people to buy them?

Author: Jonny | Here’s how to think big!

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