I saw a life coach boasting on social media about how she’s got her daily routine off to perfection:

  • Morning stretches
  • Conscious breathing
  • 20-minute jog
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude journal
  • Super-hydration

Awesome. Well done.

I know this lady quite well, so I also know she’s not making any money to speak of.

She stumbles over a client here and there, yet always undercharges them.

Then she spends what she gets, way before the end of the month.

All that feelgood stuff is a great foundation.

So let’s reimagine it as a scalable, sustainable client attraction process:

  • Morning stretches, reaching out to one person you haven’t spoken with before
  • Conscious breathing, exhaling great advice and wisdom to your community
  • 20-minute jog, amongst a network of your ideal clients
  • Meditation, on how you can best serve them today
  • Gratitude journal, writing to thank your favourite people
  • Super-hydration, getting a torrent of content and invites flowing

Maybe your abundant business is not so far away from what you’re already doing. 

Love you lots

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