Is that even possible?

Well hell yes, it is!

On two very lively and impactful CAB classes yesterday, Lisa Crofton and I showed the students how to release their programmes into the wild…the Beta-Launch, as we call it.

This is always one of the most fun parts of the CAB process, and it brings up so many emotions:

🤔 What if I’m not good enough?
🤔 What if my programme sucks?
🤔 What if they hate being sold to?
🤔 Am I charging too much?
🤔 What if they say NO!?

Fact is, all those things are understandable manifestations of one simple mindstate:

Fear. Of. The. Unknown.

So, this week, all 8 of our CABstars will be starting conversations with people who might buy their programmes, without any expectation of a particular result.

Outcome detachment is the single most important element of a mental approach to high-ticket sales.

You don’t need THIS prospect to buy, so long as some do, sometime.

So, engage, ask, listen, and make your offer when it feels like it’s the gift they’ve been waiting for.

Let them do the selling, so you don’t have to.

Love you lots

PS: If you’re serious about building a real business from your expertise in 2021, now could be a good time to experience the Client Attraction Blueprint programme for yourself. Reply with “CAB” and we can have a chat, informal and no strings. 

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