You may have heard of the rocks analogy coined by time-management guru Steven Covey.

It’s where you start with a large empty glass, a half-dozen big rocks, a bunch of smaller pebbles, and a pile of sand. The task is to fit as much into the glass as possible, and of course you get more in if you start with the large rocks, let the pebbles fill the space between them and finally top-up with the sand.

If we map the analogy to a day in the life of an entrepreneur, it probably goes something like this:

Big Rocks:

  • Sleep
  • Family time
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Business strategy
  • Client meetings and service delivery
  • Important proposals


  • Marketing
  • Reading
  • Answering important emails and other communications


  • Social media
  • TV
  • Web browsing

Of course, when you’re filling the glass with your Big Rocks, your beloved phone is on silent, your email engine is switched off, and the metaphorical “no room service” sign is hung on your doorknob.

Try and “rock” your week, and see if you Get More Done.

Author: Jonny | Let me know if this works!


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