I had an almost biblical revelation at the weekend.

As the winter sunshine streamed through the blinds into my apartment, I decided to play something.

Like I do every day, as there’s a grand piano in my lounge.

This time was different.

An unfamiliar voice in my head said, why not stream it live to the my tribe on Facebook? It was the voice of a dark monster, who’d clearly never heard of performance anxiety, keeping to the topic, or fear of looking stooopid.

Anyway, the monster won, and 3 minutes later, the phone’s on a tripod, I’m on my upholstered stool, and people are watching and listening to me doodling round Amazing Grace in three different keys.

10 minutes later still, the phone’s in my pocket and I’m off to town.

Here’s the revelation:

Within 48 hours, 500 people had watched the video, over 50 had commented and hundreds reacted.

Jeez! That made it my most-watched, most engaged video in ages, including live trainings I’m running twice a week.

One of three things just happened:

  1. I’m a world-class piano player and dazzled everyone with my brilliance (Unlikely)
  2. Music’s more interesting than coaching, even to coaches (Possible)
  3. People like a 3D human story (Bingo!)

Yep, that’s the revelation.

I’m not just a marketer…

Show us you’ve a human face, and we’ll love you forever!

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